Friday, 6 May 2011

Double Cheese Crepe @ Crepe2U, Tesco

New franchise snack in town,  same like mini apam balik , but this one are called crepe. It’s a thin folded or rolled pancake with different type of filling of your choices.  This new franchise called crepe2u. They have an amazing menu to choose from and I really like to sample all. I’d tried Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Strawberry, Kasubushi , Double Cheese and Chocolate Cheese..Still have many to go, I believe they have more than 25 menus to choose from.

Double Cheese Crepe

Chocolate Cheese Crepe

Even though you can have crepe with meat like chicken, hotdog, tuna, egg or crab but personally I preferred my crepe with a sweet concoction like chocolate strawberry. For me, crepes are really meant to be just a dessert items. This devilishly decadent sweet crepe will definitely quell all the cravings. 


Tesco Seri Alam,
Jalan Seri Alam,

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