Monday, 4 July 2011

Mee Bandung @ Tg Agas, Muar

After cooling down with coconut shake we continue our journey back to Jb. Then we stop at Muar for lunch. Here the most popular dish that synonym with Muar is Mee Bandung and considered the best and tastiest. So many restaurant and stall selling Mee Bandung in Muar, after enlighten by the local we try to sample this dish at Mee Bandung Central, infront of Muar Science School. 

Mee Bandung

The gravy concoction offers a spectrum of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy taste. The aroma just whetted my appetite instantaneously. Sweetness of Shrimp taste immediately disperses in your mouth whenever you gobble down the mee and that thick gravy. Among all the Mee or Noodles, Mee Bandung can be considered my favourite noodle dish. But there’s another version of Mee Bandung that include meat and crushed peanut.  There’s one restaurant in Kong Kong, Pasir Gudang that serve almost perfect Mee Bandung and can be considered among the best in the world. Next time I will review that restaurant. Until now, Mee Bandung is always been the iconic of Muar.

Beside Mee Bandung, they also served Kupang Bakar Berlada or Barbecue Chillies Mussels. Funny thing is, I don’t like mussels but this dish makes me change my opinions. Extremely delicious, the thick sauce of chillies with a touch of lemons to add some zing.

Of course, there are so many place that serve good Mee Bandung at Muar Area but I believe this place can be considered among the best at Muar.

Mee Bandung Central,
Jalan Merak,
Tg Agas,
84000 Muar


  1. wa... kecur nyer air liur... make me miss mee bandung so much... mmm... yum yum... ^_^

  2. Salam Admin
    Mee Bandung Kuah Kacang 'odeon' Batu Pahat kini boleh didapati di Skudai
    Lokasi - RESTORAN ISMAAIL, 62 Jalan Keindahan 1, Taman Skudai Indah
    (Makan Panas-Panas)

  3. Salam Admin

    Kami sudah berpindah dari Restoran Ismaail ke...

    Restoran Lubuk Selera / Stall Mee Bandung
    105 Jln Pulai 7 (Sebelah Kanan Pintu Gerbang Nak Ke Giant UMall Dari Aeon Tmn Universiti Skudai)
    Waktu niaga: 7.30mlm hingga 10.30mlm. Cuti Rabu.

    Ps- Kalau nak datang disyorkan call/sms 012 7474039 dulu untuk pastikan stall buka atau tutup